- 3 years perfecting our system -

What's this about? and who are we?

CrazyCups Club is a project where membership is accessed thanks to the acquisition of one of the few 5555 nft tokens in the club, these tokens are called CrazyCups.

This club seeks the unique obtaining of membership by granting members real acquisitions


Our system seeks the popularization of a project through a stable economic network which is sustained thanks to material goods sales and work in the stock market, thanks to this, active and “happy” members will be achieved, which translates into more P2P traffic, accompanied by a marketing campaign over the years supported by globalization and the reinvestment of our economic experts.

The team behind CrazyCups is a versatile team that has advanced university students, with key specializations for the formation of a system with strong foundations, we are accompanied by specialists in economics, businessmarketing, 3D and 2D illustrators, as well as software and commercial engineers.


Our team began 4 years ago in the idealization of a project which would allow the globalization of a name through an economic system, 3 years ago we began to bring ideas to the material world and to create our own routes to reach the complex system that we have today in day.

In short, this achieves a populist traffic which maintains a stable economic circle.

~ Our Staff ~

Remi Black
"Dev. specialist"

Remi has worked as a developer for more than 4 years, demonstrating skill and speed in computer systems

"Web3 Designer"

Esme is passionate about technology and the development of the blockchain, she has been in this world for 3 years, which is why she has a lot of experience and insight on the subject of decentralized technology.

Artic Owl
"Digital Animator"

Joel (Artic Owl) is an illustrator, Graphic Design student and digital animator, his style is clean and extroverted, this perfectly fits his art, being very creative and expressive in his designs.

"Designer & Creativity"

Javier (Captain Berlin) is a creative graphic designer who made us fall in love with his Rubber Hose style, which was the main designer of our CrazyCups


Jeicö is an illustrator who stands out for his versatility with artistic styles, he is also the leader of a group of illustrators who adopt his same artistic versatility, for this reason they give great power to all our art and to our team.

"Marketing manager"

He got into esports about 4 years ago and started his own esports organization @frchronic. He has amassed more than 30 million followers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch. Shah also ran his own gaming channel, which has 870,000 subscribers, before going on hiatus about a year ago to pursue NFT full-time!

"Business Manager & Professional Trader"

Sagner is a visionary engineer and businessman who was key to the development of the economic system in which crazycups club is based, he idealized and perfected the crazycups mathematical system giving it accuracy and flexibility.

Adrien Nirv.
"Community Manager"

CEO: DesXchange
A professional community manager/Moderator with 3 years of experience in Blockchain and web3 (Defi and NFT) and also passionate about CryptoCurrency in General

"Systems idealist and Professional Trader"

Tomas (Who) is a strict person and passionate about his work, he is recognized for creating automated systems to work the stock market through mathematics, he has a broad and secure vision, which is why he is essential in our team.

"CEO & Economic Expert"

Founding partner of the Company, "Comercial Castellon", business partner and economist of "LedInnova" lighting and founder of "Alhaya Ltda", Louis (Elixer) is an engineer and economist expert in finance and mathematical systems, in charge of leading the CrazyCups team with objectives to meet and improve each system in the club to deliver the best experiences to members.

"Economic Expert and Software Designer"

Partner of Alhaya Ltda. and business partner of Elixer, Alfons "Lots" is a daring systems engineer, working for more than 5 years specializing in economic systems and computer systems for companies related to the web3, Alfons was specifically trained to improve and give them greater versatility to software and economic systems.

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