" 3 years perfecting our system "

| What’s this about ?

CrazyCups Club is a project where membership is accessed thanks to the acquisition of one of the few 5555 nft tokens in the club, these tokens are called CrazyCups.

This club seeks the unique obtaining of membership by granting members real acquisitions of status.

At our community, we take pride in our strict filtering system, which is represented by our exclusive price seal “| 6.96 |” on every one of our tokens. This seal not only distinguishes us from other communities but also serves as a badge of honor for our members. It’s a symbol of the high standards we uphold and the exceptional experiences we offer. By joining us and acquiring one of our tokens, you’re not just getting a unique digital asset, you acquire access to a MeisterCup and its exclusivities

Alhayas Ltd. team began 4 years ago in the idealization of a project which would allow the globalization of a name through an economic system, 3 years ago we began to bring ideas to the material world and to create our own routes to reach the complex system that we have today in day “MeisterCup project and its particularities”.

We’re not looking for lazy members in our community, but rather for strong-minded individuals who have a future-oriented and wealth mindset. So, are you ready to step up your game and join the winners?

The luxury of the abstract in a peculiar shape called MeisterCups

| The beginning of your stay !

By acquiring a CrazyCup, you will become an official member of the club. What does this mean? It means that you will be added to a private group where all decisions are made, and your wallet will be linked to a smart contract that serves as an algorithm for distributing the benefits.
Our CrazyCup token grants you copyright privileges to use it as you wish and gives you the opportunity to receive a MeisterCup | 6.96 | through a specific drop.

As a member, you will have exclusive access to Empyrean Goods events. Additionally, you will have a space in the lands of our Bar in the metaverse where you can raffle and auction items.


The transformation of each CrazyCup into a MeisterCup will personalize each token from static to animated with new exclusive accessories and scenarios. 

Our Presence:

We will attend all major cryptocurrency and NFT events to offer cocktail and food services, as well as complimentary merchandise, to our members. This way, we achieve recognition and distinction in the environment by providing comfort to all our holders at each event.

 Selling and Buying My MeisterCup

When the “Mint here” button is activated, a button for selling it will also be activated on the meistercup zone, but with a countdown of 696 days…

But what does this mean?

This means that you will be able to sell your MeisterCup at the end of that time. In other words, your CrazyCup will also serve as an investment and loan asset.

How will this system work?

All generated by the project through the sale of its CrazyCups will be locked in a mutual fund, which will be divided into equal percentages. One part will be staked in altcoins, and the other part will be invested in the indexed fund with higher historical returns. Therefore, after completing the 696 days, you will be able to sell your CrazyCup for the same ETH you bought it, plus the increased return according to the percentage you are entitled to.

TERMS & CONDITIONS contactd@crazycupsclub.com


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